AM-75 Color Graphics Terminal

Alpha Microsystems' AM-75 is a flexible, high performance color alphanumeric and graphics terminal that sets new standards in terminal design for user productivity. With its 64 independently selectable foreground and background colors and its optional high-resolution 640x480 graphics capability, the AM-75 color graphics terminal provides the right solution for oustanding color graphics and alphanumeric applications. The alphanumeric screen is visible simultaneously with the graphics screens, and data can be directed to either.

Additionally, the AM-75's expanded memory provides the ability to display 26 or 52 lines by 80, 132, or 161 columns, and to support dual sessions, effectively acting as two terminals in one. The two sessions can involve separate host computers, or can be two ports off the same computer. Each session can be displayed as full screen, with a hot-key between them, or both can be displayed simultaneously on a split screen.

The keyboard is designed with the user in mind, providing a convenient placement of 102 character and function keys for use with an enormous array of business application programs. International character fonts and keyboard layouts are readily available to service multiple international language requirements.

Integrated desk accessories, including an HP-18C emulation business calculator, a perpetual calendar, and an alarm clock, are available at the touch of a key, and the terminal's internal characteristics are easily customized to meet your data processing needs. Convenient pull down menus supported with a variety of help messages provide you with both flexibility and ease of use.

Whether your needs are simply for an alphanumeric color terminal, or for high-resolution color graphics, the AM-75 color graphics terminal provides an outstanding alternative for today's demanding office.

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