AM-6060 Network Server

A powerful, versatile TCP Server for the AMOS world

In today's network-aware business environment, connectivity means client/server computing. In the Alpha Microsystems community, that's the mission of the new AM-6060 Network Server.

The AM-6060 is a resource center that lets AMOS-based applications run on industry-standard networks and PC workstations. Inside the AM-6060, powerful processing and storage units provide high throughput and dependable performance. External peripherals offer added capacity and communication versatility.

In traditional Alpha Micro fashion, an AM-6060 installed today carries the potential to meet other, larger demands tomorrow. A field upgrade can transform any AM-6060 into an AM-6000 Business System, with support for over 200 direct-connected terminals plus a network.

If you're evaluating a network for expanding your AMOS-based application, consider the AM-6060. It's the new Alpha Micro computer designed for the world of networks

Product Highlights

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